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Hi there, I’m Matt Best, founder of Body by Best and creator of Sculptation, a style of strength training that aims to Align, Balance, Sculpt and Shred the body. It’s an anywhere, anytime, all levels experience. It’s about doing incredible things with your body, having lots of fun, so you feel your very BEST self in body and mind.


I’ve been a strength trainer for a number of years and have worked in Sydney and London. I’ve taken thousands of sessions with individuals of all abilities and levels in a 1-on-1 capacity, in group classes and through online content. My passion is all about sharing my PASSION, a love for strength training and sculpting! 


I initially studied Biology at the University of Bristol and was fascinated with animal movement patterns. How and why have different species have evolved to move and operate the way they do.  As human beings, we have evolved to move athletically across three planes of movement. Our muscles and bones have evolved to experience load and resistance. And our minds have evolved to experience stress (the good kind) by the way we test our bodies and energy systems.


So as amazing as the modern world that we inhabit is, it has nonetheless robbed us of our evolutionary right of way.  Time is so very precious and I believe that within the time we have to sculpt, we can get the most from our sessions, giving the body and mind what it needs. 


Because it’s always about the details! In sculptation it’s about quality and precision with every movement. To correctly execute compound strength movements like squats, deadlifts lunges or push ups requires body alignment, mobility, balance, strength and a lot of energy!  When we execute these movements correctly it will feel really GOOD, even when it burns! And when we complete more than one movement consecutively we get a “sculptation sequence”


A "sculptation sequence” is the order in which we tell a story with a sequence of specifically selected movements. This layering effect means you really get the most from a session, as it will allow you to feel connected and confident with each of the prescribed movements. 


During a sculptation sequence there will also be a great energy demand placed on the body, as huge muscles groups will often have to work together synergistically. We will often cross the “anaerobic threshold” and find that oh so wonderful BURN that we LOVE. As a result you’ll be torching body fat and sculpting lovely lines long after the session has finished.


I believe strength training to be a wondrous art form. It’s like learning a language or playing an instrument. The instrument just happens to be your body and mind and that’s really exciting! It’s a never ending journey of discovery! Your sculpting experience is what it’s all about! I CANNOT wait to sculpt with you!



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