Behind B3

British born and raised, Matthew has lived in Sydney for the past 6 years modelling for brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and featuring extensively for David Jones. 


Whilst working in Film production, Matthew decided to pursue his passion for health and fitness and began working as a personal trainer, whilst also teaching classes in both Strength and Spin. He quickly developed his own unique style of strength exercise and unique sequencing patterns with his “Sculptation” classes; a fusion of weight training exercises and sequences assisted to sculpt toning lines using the angles of the body.


It was during this time working with thousands of individuals in classes and sessions, he became aware that in vital full body movements such as Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts and Hip Thrusts people found it difficult to connect with the most important muscle of all, the glutes. Instead he saw over use of the quads and people often feeling pain in there knees, hips, ankles and the lower back. Unimpressed with other bands on the market available to assist in this, Matthew decided to design and make his own unique product the B3 Sculptation Band. Designed and tested over an 18 month period ensured delivery of a band that would allow people to finally feel everything! It will help sculpt beautiful lines in the body that people actually want and vitally help in pain avoidance and injury prevention.


While teaching classes and taking sessions Matthew also became aware that there are countless individuals who are unable to make a class or attend a gym. Inspired to help and reach as many people as possible, knowing you can deliver an outstanding workout with literally your own body and set of B3 Bands, he began designing and testing his Body by Best B3 Anytime, Anywhere program. The results have been simple outstanding with his Sculptation Sequence patterns combined with the power of the Sculptation Band ensuring anyone can have a first class session whether they are in a gym, at home, their garden, a park or in a hotel room. 


He believes in telling a story through the specific way he sequences the exercises in a Sculptation session. This allows us to connect with our body in a way never previously imaged both physically, mentally and emotionally. For Matthew, the connection with our fitness is so vitally important he believes we can have the best time making the workout experience the highlight of the day.


Through his Sculptation sessions and B3 Band, Matthew seeks to deliver a workout experience of the very highest standard wherever you are, transporting you away from the stresses of daily life. He believes you can find a place of total and complete happiness through the wonder that is Sculptation. Matthew’s philosophy is that a workout should be “total vibes -  why settle for anything less?”