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B3 Band Sculptation 100


This is a Sculptation B3 Bands PUMP UP


This B3 Bands Sculptation Session is so devastatingly simple and so effective! It can literally be done anywhere! It’s 5 rounds of 4 exercises with 20 reps of each exercise. On the last exercise you’ll do 20 reps for each leg or each glute to make the full 100 reps for each round. 


Take up to a minute rest between rounds. Remember to be instinctual to how you’re feeling and listen to your body. If you want to jump straight into the next round without much rest go for it! Likewise if you need a few more secs that is so ok too!  


On completion of 5 rounds you would have completed 500 glorious fire burning reps. It’s a fat burning and total glute sculpting all in one!


EXTRA Sculptation Challenge Option: Try and complete this sequence each day for a total of 3 days! That would mean an incredible 1500 delicious sculpting reps!   


Now it’s as much in the mind as anything. Keep going and stick with it. I promise you once you get through the 3rd round you’re over the hump of it (no pun intended) and will be on the home straight. The burn is so real but we love it and it won’t defeat us! You’ve so got this! Own it! Happy Sculpting! 

P.S As always its about QUALITY and not quantity. While there is a lot of reps in this session the movements are low impact with no additional weight being added. All that amazing burn is coming from the tension from the B3 Band. However, I would rather 3 rounds of amazing reps every time over 5 rounds where the reps aren't lovely Sculptation form. Your body is precious and we aim to help you become your BEST self!    

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