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B3 Band Members Homepage

Welcome to the B3 Bands Members Area. Unlimited access to this area is permitted with every B3 Band purchase. In the drop down sub-menu pages above you’ll find exclusive access to B3 Sculptation Band sequences and workouts. I’d like to extend a personal thank you for purchasing your set of B3 Sculptation Bands and welcome you to becoming part of the B3 Unit! It’s all about connecting to your body, sculpting the lines YOU want and helping you feel your BEST self! 


These exercises and workouts are total B3 Anywhere,  Anytime and can be done at home in your living room,  kitchen, bedroom, garden, at the gym, a park, beach, hotel room… you name the place and we can probably sculpt there! You just need you body and your B3 Band! 


The first workout in the drop down above you’ll find access to our Sculptation Sequence. This is our unique B3 Band Sequence that is essential before any workout, run or can be made into a stand alone, glute sculpting, fat burning inferno of a workout! You will feel EVERYTHING! 


If you’re looking for a total glute pump up then the Sculptation 100 will give you a glute lift like never before! It’s 500 delicious sculpting reps. Its over before you know it and features our “Confusion Kick Backs” which is all about sculpting that difficult to reach area under the bum, top part of the hamstring “the confusion”. The exercise also hits the top part of the glutes to help build the sought after glute shelf! Yes all in one move! The B3 Band was designed for performance so there is enough tension to sculpt while not slipping and staying secure, so you just feel that burn straight away! We aren’t wasting time, we’re totally sculpting! 


In B3 Sculptation Abs you will use your B3 Band to connect with you core and abdominal region and take it to a place never thought possible. Abs is all about quality and the magic is in the sculptation sequence pattern combined with the effective of the B3 Band. Remember to breath, its an abdomenal ride like no other. Its not just all Abs either and you’ll be sculpting and working your glutes at the SAME time!  


You can do each workout as a stand alone workout or can combine for total Sculptation. For example you could combine Sculptation 100 with Sculptation Abs or our Sculptation Sequence with more Abs! The possibilities are all there. And if you only have tine for one don’t worry its all about less is more! Its quality over quantity always in Sculptation! In 15/20 mins you really can have such an effect, how you feel. If you do it a few times a week then over a month think how many hours of amazing sculpting you would have done. The secret is consistency, quality movements using a quality product. We have it covered for you!


Happy Sculpting,


Matthew Xx 

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