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How can we truly feel what we don't know is there? The B3 Sculptation Band will target, engage and sculpt your glutes like never before, you will feel Everything! It's set with a heavy resistance but with amazing flexibility and fanstastic non-slip reverse lining.  


One Band to rule them all! More than 20 versions were tested over a 18 month period. For 40+ hours each week the bands were extensively used with a wide and diverse range of individuals both male and female of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Why? The strength needed to be just right for guaranteed total glute engagment EVERYTIME. The B3 Bands have been made to the highest quality. They will NOT break, lose shape, that crucial needed snap or become frayed at the seam. Life can be hectic and choatic with so many choices and decisions, so lets help keeps things SO simple for you.


The B3 Band is jet black with a non-slip enforced lining, ensuring the bands stay firmly in place while not causing damange to clothing. It comes with our branded B3 Camo travel bag you're always able to sculpt literally anywhere, anytime! Happy sculpting! Feel your BEST self!



  • PLEASE NOTE: International B3 Customers. There is a currency converter at the top right of the store page to check and convert the currency that applies to your country. We ship globally for the U.K.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to check your currency.

    We appreciate and love that we can send the B3 Band from the U.K to  anywhere. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery times may be longer than usual due to effects of COVID-19 pandemic. All items are tracked. Thank you in advance for your patience should there be a delay.

    International tracked post may be subject to delays or restrictions. These may be caused by changes in transport procedures (e.g. border controls), changes in international transport (e.g. cancellation of previously used flight connections), changes in delivery procedures in the destination country (e.g. quarantine or other protective measures) and more.


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